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Getting Your Housing Loan Approved Doesn’t Have To Hard

If you’re facing financial struggle from personal debt, bank loan disapproval or housing loan rejection, we’re ready to help.


Award Winning
Bank Loan Advisory Firm

Property Financing and Bank Loan Rejection Specialist.
We say yes when banks aren’t an option.

✓ Debt consolidation and re-structuring with the bank.

✓ Generate additional cash flow through property re-financing

✓ Housing loan rejected due to documentation, CCRIS or CTOS issue

✓ Access to professional advise, services and guide with no additional cost

✓ Assist you in getting bank loan’s approval quickly to achieve your financial goals

✓ Compare and get the best mortgage services in town with best interest rate

✓ Solved issue including not able to get approval from bank due to DSR limit or high commitment.

Why us

We’re a award winning housing loan consulting firm that has served more than 13,000 customers since 2009. Our expertise has been featured at many places such as i-Property and PropertyGuru.

Whether you’re looking for:

Housing Loan Consulting Services

We have a process to work with 15 different banks in Malaysia, helping you to identify the best interest, and the facilities that will serve you in the long term.

The objective is to assist you to get your housing loan to approved effectively, access to professional banking advise, insights and many more.

Re-structuring and Consolidate Your Debt

If you have high outstanding loan or credit card debt commitment, we’ll assist to resolve your debt once and for all with the bank, so that you don’t have to live with financial and emotional stress. 

This process takes from 3 months to 12 months to complete depending on the outstanding amount.

Creative Financing Strategies To Generate More Cash Flow

If you have an asset such as a shop or a property, we’ll assist you to generate more cash flow through property financing. 

This method is effective especially when you need flexible cash flow for business expenses, capital or even for liquidity purposes.


De Bancco Group

Founded in 2009, De Bancco Group is Malaysia leading trusted mortgage consultancy firm that specializes in solving bank loan rejection cases.

Over the past 10 years, we have served over 13,264 customers in solving their financial stress through our proven home loan financing strategy, for personal debt and business purposes.

Whether you have documentation, payment issue or track record issue, or simply does not have the time to wait for bank approval 3-6 months, we have a solid process that can tailor-made fit for you.

Our priority is to protect our customers’ wealth and assets by providing a complete solution based on our client’s needs and interests. We always value our clients the most.

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Hi, my name is Jerry and I’m the founder of De Bancco Group. If you have any question, let us know and we’re most happy to assist you in anyway. 

Your success and your financial goal is why we do what we do. 

Jerry Tang

CEO of De Bancco Group and

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